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(16 years old)


Target Actresses: Skai Jackson

Aliya Shelley is a genius.  Actually, she’s far more than that. At six she had the intellectual equivalent of doctorate degrees in genetics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics. Like her brother, Aliya is on the autism spectrum and her amazing intellect is a result of her being a savant.  Her gift is a common one among savants, she’s a puzzle solver.  Give her any puzzle or equation and within minutes, she’s figured it out.   The greatest puzzle she’s attempting to solve is how to build a mother that will not die and abandon her and her brother as her own mother did. In Aliya’s mind death is just another equation that given time, she can overcome. And, she’s very, very close to doing just that.


While the project she began as a  child nears its completion, the years have slipped by and Aliya has grown into her teens. As such, Aliya’s focus has begun to change especially when an attractive but mysterious transfer student takes an immediate interest in her. Though she’s taken with Jefferson, Aliya is no fool.  She discovers that he is the monster spreading chaos through the city and Still, she’s intent on finishing her new mother especially since her brother’s  condition is deteriorating.


Season One Arc

Aliya and Byron are on the verge of completing the task of creating a new mother.  They are  relentless innocents that are too naive to realize that in order to succeed at their task they have crossed moral and ethical lines that cannot be uncrossed.  Aliya’s singlemindedness and Byron’s utter devotion to his sister ‘s vision lead them to unlocking a door the world may not be ready to have opened.



Jefferson  (350)

Vampire on the run

Target Actor:  Jahking Guillory

On the surface  Allen Jefferson is nothing more than one of many transfer students arriving at Lindhaven high school.  He seems to be little more than a quiet, even thoughtful, normal guy. But there is a reason that the gang related killings that have  re-ignited  the old violence between the gangs and police started nearly the same time he arrived. In actuality, Jefferson is a 300 year old Vampire that is  running from his Sire.  Jefferson’s end goal is to start a bloody, protracted war between the gangs and police that the city’s residents are also caught in the middle of.  If he’s able to pull it off in this city, he will be free to feed indiscriminately, without detection long enough for him to ingest enough blood to liberate  himself.


At the school, Jefferson is simply trying to lay low and establish his daytime persona but a run in with Aliya changes everything.  At first she is “the girl with the scent of death hoovering around her” and he must find out why that is.  He cautiously tracks her back to her home where he realizes that the aura of death coming from within it lights the large  old house up like a beacon, but there is something else going on inside that his senses cannot discern.

Unable to force his way into her house, Jefferson begins engaging Aliya in conversation as a way to lure her into inviting him in.  What he discovers is that  Aliya is a special mind and like him is running from her own dark past., and that she could be the key to his freedom.  They forge a genuine connection as begrudging opponents at first ,  then they become friends and perhaps something more.


Season One Arc

Time is running out for Jefferson.  He must execute his plan without being found out so that he can ingest enough blood to become strong enough to resist his Sire, before he tracks Jefferson down.


Cole Carter 1.png

Jacob Livingston (350)

Blood Slave/ Hunter Vampire

Target Actors: Cole Carter

300 Years ago, Jacob, the eldest son of an American Christian missionary journeyed with his father’s congregation to Africa.   Jefferson, a young runaway slave traveled with them and the two became best friends and rivals for the affection of a young woman in their congregation.

After losing his family and being turned into a blood slave, Jacob is a lost soul.  His maker has near total control of him and Jacob  dare not even consider the route that Jefferson has taken of defying his Sire.

Now, he’s been sent along with three of the most gifted hunters to find and bring Jefferson back to his master, or kill him outright.

Jacob and Jefferson know each other well.  During their days living in Africa with the missionary congregation, they were best friends...brothers and rivals for the same girl’s affection.  When Isikhewu slaughtered the missionaries, Jacob and Jefferson believed that they were the only survivors having been turned to blood slaves .  


Now, Jacob has been sent along with three other hunters to find and bring Jefferson back into the fold, or kill him.  But, neither of those two options fit into the plan that  Jacob is crafting for Jefferson….and Isikhewu.  Little does he know that Isikhewu has plans of his own for both of them that neither will see coming.

Season One Arc

Jacob must figure out a way to enlist Jefferson to a plan he’s crafting to defy their master, but  must do so without being found out by Isikhewuand the hunters he’s paired with or risk suffering a fate worse than the hell he’s now living.



             Masika ( 420)                                                       Kya (250)                                                                    Kamaria (250)

Target Actors: DeArishia Mack                        Target Actors: Sierra Aylina McClain                       Target Actors: Lauryn Alisa McClain


All Vampires are born as  Blood Slaves.  It is the job of the Blood Slave to go out into the world while their Sire remains safely hidden, and collect blood that they bring back to their master.  Like worker bees gathering pollen, blood slaves bring the gallons of blood they’ve taken every night, back to their father who takes it from them in a gory, violent manner. 

The most prolific and powerful children of a Sire often transcend simply being a Blood Slave and go further to act as Hunter Vampires.  Hunters are tasked with tracking and capturing or killing runaway children of their Sire.  They hunt their Vampire siblings.  Hunters are also often used as an advance guard sent into new territories to scout and even begin preparing them for the establishment of a new nest.

Few hunters are as accomplished, brutal and deadly as Isikhewu’s Zintathu (the three).  Masika and twins Kya & Kamaria serve their Sire without conscience and take real pleasure in their deeds.  Over the centuries they have hunted hundreds of runaways.  They have never failed


Season One Arc

The Hunters arrive with orders to find Jefferson and bring him to heel, or kill him and bring back his head. They begin the process of tracking him down putting in danger any and everyone he comes in contact with, especially Aliya and Byron.

 Suzanne Brickey 



 Body Servant 

Target Actors: Liana Liberato

Suzanne is another victim turned monster.  Like both Jefferson and Jacob she was part of the African missionary congregationthat Jacob’s father founded.  Suzanne and her family were charter members  and even as a young girl, she held a deep seeded Christian faith that directed her actions and interactions. As one of the young people in the mission church, Suzanne  bonded with the other children her age, but she had begun to develop a special kind of relationship with Jefferson and Jacob.  In her mind she was certain that one of them would one day be her husband and so as they reached their teens together, she waited for a sign from God as to which of them she would choose since it was clear that they both loved her as she did them.

When the congregation fell, Jefferson and Jacob both believed that their “Susie” had died with the others  but unbeknownst to them Isikhewu took her.  Instead of becoming  a blood slave or a hunter, Isikhewu made her into one of his many body servants.  These are a veritable harem of women and boys that service him in despicable, immoral ways as objects of his towering , sadistic desires.

Susie’s presence represents a first real point of weakness for both Jefferson and Jacob seeing they view her as the last of their real family and are willing to do things that are counter to their best interests to try to help her.


Season One Arc

When Jefferson and Jacob discover that Susie is still alive,  she becomes a pawn Isikhewu uses to manipulate both of them




Son of Anansi

(2000 years old)

Target actor:  Nonso Anozie



Isikhewu is a truly frightening creature.  One of the first men to be turned by the Spider god himself, Anansi,  Isikhewu is very old and very powerful.  He fought in the Vodun wars against Momma Jo’s coven centuries ago.


Not only is Isikhewu  an ancient Vampire, he is also  a Sire of thousands of Blood Slaves that are both his children and his soldiers.  Like all vampires allowed by Anansi to become Sires,  Isikhewu works to establish nests in blood rich cities  that are ripe for a Vampire incursion.  When he arrives  he sets up the elaborate system the Sires use to funnel a “tithe” of all of the blood the  nest takes  in back to Anansi; thus spreading the tentacles of Anansi’s empire across the globe.


Season One Arc

The hunt for Jefferson has turned Isikhewu’s gaze toward the city where he’s hiding.  Jefferson’s efforts  have unwittingly created the exact environment Isikhewu is seeking to establish a nest.  His arrival will mean the beginning of a war that will drown the city in blood and death.

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